Smith’s NEW Ceramic Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener – This one gets it scary SHARP!

2011 May 6
A brief overview of the sharpener including highlights of its features and benefits.

Smith’s® is very excited to introduce the first of several electric knife sharpeners launching this year that feature our patented interlocking wheel technology in a ceramic abrasive material.  Like in all of their electric sharpeners, Smith’s will continue the practice of combining quick and precise sharpening provided by electrical powered sharpening wheels with the versatility of manual sharpening elements.  This unique combination provides a broad capability to suit multiple blade types and edge conditions….everything from extremely dull blades to already sharp blades in need of a quick touch up to straight edge blades or blades with serrations.

Smith's new Ceramic Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

The Ceramic Edge Pro™ Electric Knife Sharpener is the first of these innovative new sharpeners to hit the sporting goods and hardware markets this year.  Unlike other electric sharpeners in these markets, this sharpener will produce a true factory quality (or better) cutting edge on your knife using interlocking ceramic sharpening wheels.  The sharpness and quality of the cutting edge produced by these ceramic sharpening wheels is better than the cutting edge produced by any diamond-coated wheel sharpener on the market today!  This is all done while removing less metal from the blade than other electric sharpeners.  So, how exactly is this product capable of doing this? The answer is combining new sharpening technology with the right abrasive material.

Traditional electric knife sharpeners work in a combination of numerous steps and only sharpen one side of the knife at a time.  These products can often scratch and/or damage the knife blade during sharpening and always require a finishing step to remove the burr on the cutting edge from sharpening one side at a time.  In addition, they cannot guarantee that both sides of the blade are sharpened equally on both sides, even though this is one of the keys to obtaining the sharpest cutting edge (the other is consistency of angle to the sharpening surface).  When you combine this inadequacy with the fact that most electric sharpeners use an abrasive material that can actually damage the cutting edge instead of enhancing it, the end result is usually a knife blade that doesn’t cut consistently all the way down the blade or one that dulls quickly.  This is not the objective of sharpening your blade and will only cause you extra work at some point down the road. But don’t be discouraged, this can all be avoided with interlocking ceramic sharpening wheels.

Interlocking sharpening wheels deliver fast and precise

Interlocking Ceramic Sharpening Wheels

sharpening of both sides of your knife blade EQUALLY at the same time.  They reduce the amount of time needed to sharpen your knife because you aren’t sharpening one side at a time, and they leave no burr on the cutting edge.  Now, make those interlocking wheels out of a material that is very forgiving to the blade and you eliminate the possibility of marring or damage to your blade.  In addition, you will remove very little metal from the knife blade and extend the life of your knife.  The Ceramic Edge Pro™ Electric Knife Sharpener uses these type sharpening wheels in its electric sharpening slot to produce a smoother, more consistent cutting edge and a sharper knife.

The interlocking wheels in the Ceramic Edge Pro™ were designed to sharpen at a 45 degree angle (22.5° on each side) and to provide a Precision Machined Edge configuration.  A Precision Machined Edge configuration offers the perfect combination of edge retention, performance, and sharpness, opposed to other edge configurations that are generally strong in just one of these characteristics.  The 45-degree combined sharpening angle allows this sharpener to be versatile enough to sharpen a wide variety of Kitchen knives as well as hunting/fishing knives and everyday pocket knives.

The Ceramic Edge Pro™ also features manual, pull-through sharpening slots for initial edge setting, repairing a damaged edge, or sharpening serrated edge knives.  Crossed carbide cutting blades used in the manual edge setting slot create a preset angle that sharpens both side of your knife at the same time.  These premium carbides are designed to set the initial cutting edge on your knife to the appropriate angle of the ceramic wheels, or to reset the edge on extremely dull or damaged blades only.  They are not intended for use as a starting point every time you sharpen your knife blade.

The other manual, pull-through sharpening slot is designed for use when sharpening serrated edge blades only.  The characteristic scallops of a serrated blades are usually only ground on one side of the knife blade.  For this reason, it is not recommended that serrated blades be sharpened using the interlocking ceramic wheels in the electric sharpening slot.  These wheels are designed to sharpen both sides of any blade at the same time and will not follow the shape of the serrations.  For proper sharpening of your serrated blade, Smith’s strongly recommends manual sharpening in this slot marked SERRATED as the preferred way to lightly hone a serrated edge.  This slot has triangular- shaped ceramic stones that are designed to follow the shape of your serrations and ensure proper and consistent sharpening for all types of serrated knives. 



What kind of knives does it sharpen?

Any knife with a grind on both sides of the blade (i.e. Hunting/Fishing knives, Kitchen knives, tactical style knives, custom knives, outdoor sport knives, or everyday pocket knives) that fits freely into the sharpening slots and knives with large or small serrations.

It can sharpen knives of alloy, carbon, or stainless steel, but it is NOT designed for use on ceramic blades, Asian style knives (will sharpen but diminishes performance), or knives with a grind on just one side of the blade.

Other pertinent information about this sharpener.

The Ceramic Edge Pro™ comes with non-slip rubber feet for stability during sharpening and a clean out door on the bottom of the sharpener to remove the metal filings and dust produced during sharpening.  In addition, metal filings and dust will build up on the surface of the white ceramic wheels under normal operation.  If the wheels are not cleaned periodically (once or twice a year), then their sharpening capabilities can diminish.  Smith’s offers an easy to use, felt cleaning brush that can be used to remove the build-up of metal particles/dust from the ceramic wheels after each use.

There is a THREE YEAR LIMITED USE WARRANTY on this electric sharpener.  The limited warranty DOES NOT cover replacement of abrasive wheels necessitated by use of the product or product damage resulting from misuse.  

Troubleshooting and maintenance guides are also included in the owner’s manual.

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