Re-conditioning Natural Sharpening Stones

2013 August 14

I recently received an inquiry from one of our blog followers asking if it was possible to re-condition a natural sharpening stone.  I thought was an intriguing and unique question, so I’ve decided to make it and my response the blog post for this week.


My response – Mr. Harada, thanks for visiting our blog and for posting an inquiry.  Your question is interesting and one I had to do some research to answer.  However, I think I have an answer that will help you.

The answer to your question is “Yes, you can re-condition natural sharpening stones so they are flat again.  If the stone doesn’t have a severe bow to it, you can take really coarse sand paper and put it on a solid flat surface, add water, and use the sand paper to try to flatten the surface by hand.  If the stone has a large, really severe bow in it, then you should send it back to us or another abrasive company that has a rub bed (or lap table) and have them resurface it for you.  These re-surfacing type tables are quick and do an excellent job finishing stones.  There might be a small fee involved, but getting 3 – 5 more years of service from your stone will be worth the small investment.  Good luck and keep it sharp!”

This was definitely one of my most unique questions, but after it is all said and done, I bet it this post becomes one of my most viewed.  Hopefully, there are others who find it useful as well.  I’ve included an image of a lap table at work for reference.Smiths_Finishing_HS038


Good luck and Keep It Sharp!




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