EdgeExperts.com is the social media outlet for everything related to Smith’s Edge, including product updates, media exposure, social accounts, friends, fans, and everything in between! We hope to provide quick and easy access to what’s going on the knife sharpening world, tips and tricks, and answers to your most common (or not so common) questions regarding knife sharpening– from the best sharpener for your specific knife or tool, to how-to instructions and EXPERT recommendations.

About Smith’s

From our humble beginnings as a small Arkansas stone company to our current position as the market leader in the knife and scissor sharpening category, Smith’s has become the fastest growing, full line supplier of great sharpening products. Our simple goal is to provide consumers with the best edge for whatever task they are performing, while also providing outrageously good customer service.

That’s the first line from the “Company Overview” section of our website, SmithsEdge.com. It sounds good, right? We thought so too, but realized it wasn’t personal enough for the web. We want you to get to know us just as we want to get to know our customers. We want to talk like the real people we are- and answer your questions as if we were talking over coffee, rather than sending you to some simple contact form or a voice recorded 1-800 number… It just didn’t fit who were are. So this is the place for us to do a little talking on our own…

Who are we?

Let’s start from the top and work our way down.